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My name is Maria. I'm a postnatal doula, which means that I help new parents to find their feet.

The first weeks following your baby’s arrival are beautiful yet intense. As a postpartum doula I support families as they welcome a new baby. My support is built around you and what you need to feel safe, listened to, nourished and looked after as you step into the role of a mother for your new baby.

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About me

I live near Colyton in East Devon with my husband and two children.

I never fully appreciated how transformative the experience of having children would be. My own postpartum experiences came with different sets of challenges. They made me realise that whilst there is a wealth of resources to support pregnancy and birth, the postnatal period is widely neglected and undervalued.


I had a strong desire to take life slowly, to rest and cocoon with my baby. Yet society expected me to bounce back and I felt guilty for “doing nothing”. When I became aware of postpartum practices, I learned how new mothers in many other cultures around the world are celebrated and nourished, and their needs to rest and recover from pregnancy and birth, and bond with their new baby are recognised. These needs have been catered for by close-knit communities and extended family groups – support structures that have been largely lost in the modern day.


My role as a postnatal doula was bourne out of passion, desire and a strong belief that we need to rediscover that traditional approach of postpartum care. I made a leap into the world of perinatal support after having my children, as my previous career wouldn’t allow the space to prioritise my family’s needs.


I am also a mindfulness coach and a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, currently training as a Breastfeeding Counsellor. I love to see the impact that proper support can have on new parents. I love to witness how new parents grow in their confidence as parents, how their vulnerabilities turn into strengths, how their identities shift and adapt to family life.


Outside of mothering, I am a keen hiker, I also love Argentine tango and strong Italian coffee. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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